Dear Sports Scientists,

The 14th International Sports Sciences Congress will be hosted by the Sports Sciences Association between 1-4 November 2016 in Papillon Ayscha Hotel Congress Center, Belek, Antalya. We have rebuilt ourselves after the unfortunate setback and believe that our congress will be a success with your contribution. When you lead off, the bottom line is ambition and intention. Practice then follows. Since we have both ambition and intention, there will be no chance to experience any unfavorable situation. We will succeed as long as we endeavor for a concrete result in unity and solidarity in line with academic and professional ethics. 

Since the very first organization of the Congress in 1990, I have worked for all the congresses in some way and another with pleasure. In every congress organized, I did my best and slept with peace of mind. This is the most important impression of the congresses on me. The second important one is the strength of the process. The subject is science, and then the process and patience are the inevitable factors. We try to improve our lives through science. “This is enough!” never satisfies us. We always go into the effort of new discoveries. This is our motivation leading to better tomorrows and to move forward. 

The ultimate mission of this congress is to create a platform to present, discuss and criticize scientific researches that would contribute to the each and every aspect of sports sciences both in Turkey and the World starting from the local towards the universal. The Congress will be held after the Rio Olympic Games. It is on our hands to turn this into an advantage. We can come together with our counterparts who participated or closely followed the Olympic Games to discuss the “Role and Future of Turkey in Olympic Games” and we can bring forward conclusions from this broad discussion and submit recommendations for the politicians. Feasible, serious and convincing recommendations... Furthermore, we can shed a light to new activities and programs that would develop physical education, exercise, sports, physical activity and health that are one of the main pillars of community health, human development and education. We can suggest stimulating ideas for the qualified management of Turkish sports. In short, we can set our hearts on sports sciences to propose new areas for research and cooperation. Please think about this principle and ideas before you come to the Congress. Critical, interrogative and problem solver...

We are sure that you would strive every intellectual and emotional effort to spend an afternoon with Socrates, as Steve Jobs stated. And this first step leads to the rest. 

We would be glad to host you in the Congress. 

Best regrds,

Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan, PhD
President of the Sports Sciences Association.

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