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Abstract Submission Deadline : September 18, 2016

Announcing of the Accepted Abstracts : September 30, 2016

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The Conditions of Abstract Submission

Abstracts are submitted online as “ORAL” or “POSTER”. Abstracts sent by postal service, fax, e-mail etc. will not be taken into consideration.

Online Abstract Submission Module enables you to save your abstract and work again on your abstract in the system until you submit it.

A participant can send 2 abstracts at most.

While submitting the abstracts, the presentation preference (oral or poster) must be stated.

At least one of the authors of the abstracts should be registered to the congress in order that the abstracts included in the electronic congress book/CD.

Since the congress registrations are made for a person, it does not include the other names of the submitted abstract.

Abstracts may be in English and/or Turkish.

Only the first letter of the summary title must be in majuscules. (Abbreviations must not be used in the title)

The name, surname, the institution and the city of the author of the abstract must be stated in relevant sections.

Academic titles must not be utilized with names.

Reserved section for the abstracts in the system is limited to a maximum of 300 words. The system will not allow you to write more than 300 words in the section.

The related sub-title of the work must be stated while the submission of the abstract.

At most 2 tables and 2 graphs can be added. Figures, pictures, tables must be added as “jpg” and/or “gif” extensions (pixel dimension 500x400, 300 dpi resolution).

Standard abbreviations are accepted. At first mention, it should be given in parenthesis then it can be used by itself.

Since the summaries sent through online abstract submission module will be converted into digital books, the participants must pay attention to misspellings. The authors will be considered responsible from their misspellings.

Poster Abstract Preparation Rules

Every poster that would take place in poster sessions must be prepared as “90 cm in height and 70 cm in width” and it must be one piece.

On poster texts at least 24 font size, on poster sub-titles at least 30 font size, and on poster titles at least 50 font size must be utilized.

Posters will be hanged at the slot and date announced by the organizing committee.

It is important that only the main references should be given on the poster. The references must also be demonstrated in footnotes or references section.

All the authors’ affiliations must be demonstrated on the posters.

Authors must be present during their poster presentation session.

Oral Abstract Presentation Rules

Oral presentation will be conducted in Turkish / English.

The duration of the oral presentation will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes discussion.

The oral presentations must be submitted to the organizers before the presentation time.

Evaluation of the Abstracts

The reviewers who have been assigned by section editors will do evaluation online. Decisions on oral or poster presentation will be sent to all authors. At least one of the authors of the abstracts should be registered to the congress in order that the abstracts be in the electronic congress book/CD.

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